Spring 2018

My dogs make me happy and proud.
They are lovely pets and at the same time the stars of the show ring:

Show weekend in Nitra, Slovakia.
Hot weather, very well organised show, nice talks with other terrier exhibitors, cosy guesthouse
and last but not least great results : two days two dogs entered, two times BOB.
Saturday our Maartje (Nartoun Reca Dagmar ) won the breed with CAC, CACIB,
Gijs get Reserve Best dog and his next CAC.
Sunday Gijs (Garex Gijs ), was celebrating his 4th birthday with BOB and last ticket for Slovakia Champion title
while Maartje get her next CAC, CACIB.

Clubshow Czech Cesky Terrier club (40 entries!)
Garex Dobromila Best of Veterans, reserve Best in Show, almost 10 yeras old!

IDS Lingen (Germany)
Garex Gijs CAC, CACIB, BOB and selected as one of eight best terriers.

IDS Ceské Budejovice (CZ)
Nartoun Reca Dagmara CAC, CACIB, BOB and 5th BOG!


Puppies from multi Ch. Garex Gijs and JCh. Komidion Prelude expected mid May.


Continuing show successes in abroad:

MVP Chemnitz (D)
Garex Gijs CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2nd Best of Group
Nartoun Reca Dagmara

MVP Goes (NL)
Nartoun Reca Dagmara

MVP Groningen (NL)
Garex Dobromila Best of Veterans, Best of Breed, 3rd Best in Show Veteran,
selected as one of six best terriers

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February 2018

Great start of the new show year:
at DUO CACIB Brno, show weekend with over 9000 entries, Crufts qualification,
our Maartje
(Nartoun Reca Dagmara) did really well.
17 months old, shown for the first time at such a big show
she was both days Best of Juniors and on Sunday besides this also Best of Breed

The maingring was a great experince for her and I'm over the moon with her two prizes:

3rd Best of National Breeds and 4th Best of Group

Thanks to judges Mr. Jancík and Mr. Borchorst for appreciating our little monkey!

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World Dog Show 2017

This year the WDS was held in Leipzig (Germany) and was for our breed really a world event:
32 entries from 8 countries.

It was very nice to meet all these Cesky terrier enthusiasts,
thanks for the great atmosphere around the ring!
I'm happy and proud with the results of our two homebred dogs:

Garex Gijs was entered in very strong champion class (8 entries).
He did a great job and ended up with Ex3 behind the Best & Reserve dog.

Female veteranclass was full of quality with the top bitches of past years.
I have had no high expectations,
but it was the day of our more than 9 years old Garex Dobromila:


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Summer 2017

Last summer I didn't show my dogs as often as usually,
more often I participated in the shows as (trainee)judge.

Very special and unforgettable for me are two shows that were a real feast for any (Cesky) Terrier enthusiast:
the first Championship show of the UK Cesky terrier club and
the TerriEri show of the Finnish Terrier Organisation.
I would like to thank both clubs for the invitation and for the excellent job prior and during the show and for your hospitality.
Of course big thank to all my ringstewards and last but not least thank to all the exhibitors for presenting their dogs to me!


But also our own dogs were "in spotlights":

Maartje (Nartoun Reca Dagmara) get an other VP and a very nice report from terrier specialist
Mrs. Letácková at the IDS Litomerice (CZ).

Roos (Komidion Prelude) was shown twice:
IDS Litomerice Best of Breed from the junior class,
finishing her Czech Junior Champion title and winning her first mainring prize:
3rd Best of National Breeds.
Again Best of Juniors at the Championshipshow of the Terrier Club (CZ)
and in the mainring Reserve Best in Show Junior!

Garex Gijs was entered "only" in the honour class at the Championshipshow of the Terrier Club (CZ),
but he did very well: Best in Show of the honour class!

Our 9+ old Mila (Garex Dobromila) did really her best:
Best of Veterans
Best of Breed
Best in Show Veteran
3rd best shortlegged terrier
at the Championshipshow of the Terrier Club (CZ)!

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Spring 2017

Championclubshow Czech Cesky Terrier Club (KCHCT):
(over 40 entries, judge terrier specialist Mrs. Nováková).
I'm speechless over our results.
Our two homebred Cesky's won the strong champion class with CAC:
Garex Gijs by the males and his 9 years old mother Mila (Garex Dobromila) by the females.
Our two young girls did very well:
Maartje (Nartoun Reca Dagmara)
get a nice report and very promising 1 in the puppy class.
But the star of our team was Roos (Komidion Prelude):
just 9 months old, she won the junior class and finally


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International show Ceske Budejovice:
Garex Gijs did it again!
Best of Breed (with this also new Czech Grand Champion)
and showing like a dream in the mainring
with 2nd Best of National Breeds and
2nd Best of Group!

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His sidekick at this show was Roos:
Komidion Prelude excellent 1, Junior CAC


International show Luxemburg:
long, long day, but worth it:
Garex Gijs Best of Breed and new Luxemburg champion!


Dutch Terrier speciality (NTU show):
our Míla (Garex Dobromila) is still in great condition,
winning Best of Veterans and BOS

February 2017

For me, dogshows are about fun and contact with my dogs!
Pictured our Maartje (Nartoun Reca Dagmara), 5 months old at her very first show,
enjoying the mainring NDS Bratislava.
It was a long day, driving almost 900 km's,
but happy to meet Cesky Terrier fanciers and our friends and of course happy with the results of our dogs:
Garex Gijs: Best of Breed, 3rd Best of Group
Nartoun Reca Dagmara: very promising 1, Best minor puppy
Komidion Prelude: very promising 1, Best puppy
Garex Dobromila: Best of Veterans, 3rd Best in Show Veteran.

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Autumn - winter 2016-2017
It was busy time and I had neglected my website for a while.

As in a "normal" life, there are also ups and downs in the life of a dogbreeder.

The highlights of the last months are:

Garex Gijs finished his International Beauty Champion title
with winning CACIB, BOS at international show in Bratislava (SK),
finished his Dutch Champion title at the Dutch Winnershow in Amsterdam (BOB and Winner 2016)
and was selected as one of the 8 best terriers at the Champion of champions show in Prague (CZ).

Our veteran Garex Dobromila is back in the showring:
BOS, Veteran Winster and Winster 2016 in Amsterdam.
8,5 years, still a beauty!

Two young ladies arrived in our home:
from the UK Komidion Prelude (a.k.a. Roos)
and from Slovakia Nartoun Reca Dagmara (Maartje at home).
I hope both will have a long, happy life with us.
More information follows soon.

Sad news:

We had have to say good-bye to our Cilly - Multi Ch. Garex Cecílie
after she was with us for almost 13,5 years.
She never gave us a puppy, but she gave us a lot of joy:
in the showring, at agility, but above all as always happy, a little crazy pet.


September 2016
Our Gijs did it again: best terrier!
At all breed NDS in Brno (CZ) Garex Gijs: Best of Group.
Many thanks to the breed and group judge Mr. František Polehna!


I still can't believe it:


at the clubshow of the Terrier Club (CZ)!

Our Gijs (Ch. Garex Gijs) did a great job between almost 350 entered terriers:
Clubwinner & Best of Breed - judge mr. Kubala (SK)
Best shortlegged terrier - judge Mrs. Jansen-Kalshoven (NL)
Best in Show - judge Mr. Brown (DK)

Would like to thank all the judges for seeing the quality in our boy!

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August 2016
It was a great experience to do a photo shoot with the famous dog photographer Alice van Kempen
with our Gijs as the photo model.
Here is a small selection of the pictures:

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May & June 2016
Happy and proud as breeder-owner-exhibitor.
Our Garex Gijs
prolongs his successful series of exhibitions:

IDS Litomerice (CZ): CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, 2nd Best of National Breeds, 4th Best of Group.

IDS 's-Hertogenbosch (NL): CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed

But at first: he is a lovely dog to have at home!

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April 2016
Beautiful spring day, nice and warm, sun is shining ....
And what are you doing as dog breeder/exhibitor?
The whole day in a hall showing your dog. But this time it was worth it!
IDS Prague (3500 entries): our 22 months old boy Garex Gijs finished his Czech Championtitle in style:
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed and besides this in the mainring Best of National Breeds and Reserve Best of Group!

Appreciation of these judges is really important to me:
Mrs. Letácková (breed), Mr. Vondrouš (BONB) and Robert Kanás (BOG).

March 2016
The Crufts dogshow, 35 entries in the Cesky ring, judge breedspecialist Stephen Fewings.
I have no words, just happy, happy ...
Our 21 months old boy did a really great job:
Garex Gijs:
Best of Breed!

Click on the picture to enlarge. More pictures at Gijs his page.

February 2016
Great time at IDS in Brno (CZ): nice atmosphere by the Cesky ring and happy because of our results.
Each day over 4000 dogs were entered.
On Saturday (8 Cesky Terriers entered, judge terrier specialist Mr. Siewert from Germany) our Garex Gijs won
CAC, CACIB, BOB and in the main ring he was awarded as the 3rd Best of National Breeds.
On Sunday (5 CT entries, judge Cesky Terrier specialist Dana Juricová) did Gijs it again:
CAC, CACIB, BOB, 3rd Best of National Breeds and finally 4th Best of Group!
As the first three terriers were from abroad, our 20 months old boy ended as the best terrier from Czech Republic!

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January 2016
New year started really good:
at the IDS Nürnberg Garex Gijs won the first points towards the German Champion title
and also his next CACIB and BOS.
So happy with this young boy!

November 2015
Happy and proud ...
First weekend in November at IDS Prague (both days over 4000 entries, 5 in the Cesky ring)
our 16 months old boy Garex Gijs won his first CACIB and also Best Of Breed.
Thanks the breed judge Mrs. Volsická; for lovely and breed specific critique!
And then the long wait for the main ring ... But it was worth it!
Gijs won Best of National Breeds (thanks Mr. Václavík, the judge of this competition)
and finally in the group he has achieved 3rd Best of Group!
Thanks terrier specialist Mr. Kubala for not ignoring this small, grey, not that flashy terrier breed!

August 2015
Outdoor IDS Mladá Boleslav, Czech Rep., over 3000 entries (5 in the Cesky ring, all round judge Iuza Beradze).
Our Garex Gijs was shown for the last time in junior class, with Ex.1, CAJC
he finished here his Czech Junior Champion title.
As he also won Best Dog and Best of Breed, we entered the main ring three times:
in the Best of National Breeds competition, in Junior Best of Group and in Best of Group.
In burning sun and over 30 degrees Celsius it was bit crazy job!
But Gijs did his best and I'm happy with the first main ring prize of his show career: 2nd Best of National Breeds.
Good boy!

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July 2015
Relaxed day at the international show in Rotterdam despite the heavy storm outside.
Our teenager Garex Gijs is bit more settled in the ring looks more like a breeze instead of a tornado :-)
He was the only Cesky today what makes me not less happy with the results: Excellent, Junior CAC, CAC, Best of Breed

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June 2015
Three weekends, three times enjoyed my canine hobby in three different ways.

First weekend as a judge at the IDS in Oss (NL). Judged the Sealyham's, the Cairns and the Westies,
I was happy to see one of the dogs I've sent to the main ring winning Best in show Baby.

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Than the WDS in Milano: no title wins for us this time (Gijs was Excellent 3 in junior class),
but a great day with Cesky Terrier fanciers from all over the world.
Probably it was the most internatinoal Cesky ring ever:
exhibitors from the USA, the UK, Russia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Sweden and of course Italy.
And than a after show party organized by our Italian friends!
Emanuela many thanks for your hospitality!

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The third weekend was the National show in Klatovy (CZ) with 4 Cesky's
and terrier specialist Philip O'Brien (Irl) judging the breed and the group.
It was the last show for our Multi Ch. Garex Dobromila (Míla), one day before her 7th birthday.
And she retired in style! Excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, Best of Breed and finally 3rd Best of Group!
Míla also finished her Czech Grand Champion title.
Her 12 month old son Garex Gijs did a great job in the ring too:
Excellent 1, Junior CAC, Best of Opposite Sex.

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May 2015

Happy and proud as a breeder/owner/exhibitor: at the international show in Prague (over 3000 entries)
a strong group of six Cesky's was presented to respected terrier specialist Mrs. Olga Hrabáková; (CZ).
Mrs. Hrabáková; awarded my dogs with:
Best of Breed (Garex Dobromila; also CAC, CACIB)
and Best of Opposite Sex (Garex Gijs, also Junior CAC and Best of Juniors).
In the main ring Gijs was shortlisted for Best of Group Junior and Míla was 4th Best of National Breeds.
What a day!

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March 2015
NTU show - Dutch terrier show:
Gijs (Garex Gijs) was shown in the junior class for the first time.
He enjoyed the showring, seemed a little a unguided projectile ...
With excellent 1, Junior CAC and Res. CAC (beaten by the champion dog)
Gijs won his first points towards the Dutch junior champion and Dutch champion.

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February 2015
In the worst snowstorm of this winter 600 km round trip to the show in Brno (CZ).
Thankfully we arrived home well again after a long but nice day with our CT friends,
so the adventure was worth it a bit.
Of course, the results make me happy:

Gijs (Garex Gijs)
very promising 1 and Best Puppy
Míla (Garex Dobromila)
Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, 3rd Best of National Breeds.
January 2015
Good start of the new year:
January 10th at 'Champion of champions' show in Prague, Czech Rep., our Míla (Garex Dobromila)
was selected as one of the 8 best terriers. 6,5 years old, after 3 litters, she is still in great condition!

One week later the daughter of Míla Viola (Garex Fabia) makes us proud
with her first clear round prize in the Dutch agility competition.
Big congrats Anne and Margot, the owners, trainers and handlers of Viola!

December 2014
This month we have a reason to be sad and happy at the same time.

On December 5th we have to say goodbye to our dear, loyal friend Bjetta (Garex Alzbeta).
More than 13 years old, at the end of her powers, we let her go.
On this picture Bjetta as we will remember her:

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One day later Míla (Garex Dobromila) put some more wins on her list:
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed at the international show in Wels, Austria.

December 13th our yougster Gijs (Garex Gijs) makes our happy!
Shown for the first time, 6 months old, he enjoyed the show ring
winning Best of Breed Puppy at the most important Dutch show - Winner Amsterdam!
Gijs has now his own Info page.

October 2014
After more than one year in the ring as exhibitor again!
It was at the Clubshow of the Dutch Scottish Terrier Club
(club for shortlegged terriers, since this year also the club for the Cesky Terriers),
very relaxed and well organised show with 10 entries in our breed and Mr. Mate Duran as judge.
I'm happy with our results:
Baby class: Garex Guus VP 1 at his very first show (congratulations Judith van den Brink!);
Bred by exhibitor class: Garex Dobromila Ex. 1, CAC, BOB, only four months after her last litter;
Veteran class: Garex Cecílie Ex. 1, res. CAC at the age of 11 years, 2 months and 9 days.
Thanks Diana Mooij for the pictures!

New puppy pictures in the Photogallery.
Puppy page updated.

June 2014
June 10th 2014 Míla gave birth to three male-puppies.
Mother and her kids are very well!
At this moment, one puppy is available.

The first pictures:

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May 2014
Great news: Míla (Garex Dobromila) is pregnant!
After 2 long, long years since our last litter we are so excited to announce our next planned litter - hopefully mid June.
The proud future daddy is Ch. Lotus Zlatá Chara, excellent show and working Cesky.

April 2014
Our website was neglected for rather long time, I'm sorry for it ...
But the last news is really a good one:

this week our Míla (Garex Dobromila) was mated to a very lovely Cesky gentleman: Ch. Lotus Zlatá; Chara.
If we are lucky, the ofspring will arrive mid june.