Garex Dobromila

Míla is born on Juni 21st 2008 and her mother is Divoska of Cesky Dreams, the father is our Nijs.
She is a temperamentful and quick learning lady, outgoing and confident.
Because of personal reasons Míla was not shown as much as my other dogs,
but she did a great job in the show ring too.
Her first litter was born in September 2010,
the second one in June 2012 and the third in June 2014.
She has given to her descendants not only her beautiful appearance but also fine character.
Enjoying her retirement, she is still occasionally shown in the veteran class.

Garex Gijs

The only man of our dogs family is Gijs.
Gijs is the son of our Míla from her third litter, born Juni 10th 2014.
His sire is the Czech dog Lotus Zlatá Chara,
a dog I really like not only because of his beautiful exterior, but also for his work capacity.
Gijs is a happy, affectionate boy, our little clown, lovely to have him at home!
Grown now, he has become the leader of the pack.
In 2015 he started his show career, with a lot of succes so far!
He is one of our Cesky's winning Best in Show title.

Gijs is available for selected matings (stud dog according to club rules KCHT and KCHCT).
Frozen semen available.

Komidion Prelude

Searching for a new female, I became interested in a litter in Komidion kennel (UK).
Steve and Sue Fewings are well known Cesky breeders and have bred many good dogs.

In the autumn of
2016 Roos arrived in our home.
I hope that she will bring us the necessary blood change.

She is a affectionate girl, slightly spoiled.

Roos started her show career in a fabulous way: Best in Show
at championshipshow of the Czech Cesky Terrier Club 2017!

Nartoun Reca Dagmara

Because of the great work capacity and character of the line of Gijs his sire,
I decided to import an other bitch from Slovakia.
Thank you to the breeder Dušan Kucharic for the litter pick!
Maartje, the daughter of Uff Laraff and Nartoun Reca Alba is a small dragon,
exactly the temperament that I expected from this combination!


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